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750,000 Accessible Restaurant Menus

On your iPhone® in the palm of your hand.

Yes, that’s not a typo. The Menus4ALL iPhone app offers 750,000 accessible menus across United States and Canada.

Wherever you are and whenever you want The Menus4ALL iPhone app is the largest network of restaurant menus in one place and all of the menus are fully accessible.

Perfect for when you are out running errands and want to know what restaurants are near your current location. Great for planning a night out with friends. Favorite menus that you want to look at later or when you know you are going back for that amazing dish.

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A Revolution in Resolution

Menus for Everyone

No matter when, where or who, the Menus4ALL iPhone app gives you the info you need quickly.

  • No more multiple Google searches to research menus before going out.
  • Info is organized to give you quick access to what you are looking for - the menu!
  • Optimized to give you the best viewing experience.
  • No more struggling to see small print, or looking at a menu in a dimly lit restaurant.
  • Do you use magnification, large print, VoiceOver, a braille display or Voice Control?

Enjoy 750,000 fully accessible menus.

Where can I find a menu?

Sample of U. S. cities in the app.

  • Atlanta, Georgia - 3,900 Accessible Menus
  • Austin, Texas - 4,440 Accessible Menus
  • Baltimore, Maryland - 2,280 Accessible Menus
  • Boston, Mass - 2,260 Accessible Menus
  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina - 200 Accessible Menus
  • Charlotte, South Carolina - 2,340 Accessible Menus
  • Chicago, Illinois - 9,840 Accessible Menus
  • Dallas, Texas - 4,420 Accessible Menus
  • Denver, Colorado - 2,420 Accessible Menus
  • Durham, North Carolina - 720 Accessible Menus
  • Gainesville, Florida - 980 Accessible Menus
  • Houston, Texas - 9,520 Accessible Menus
  • Jacksonville, Florida - 2,800 Accessible Menus
  • Las Vegas, Nevada - 6,240 Accessible Menus
  • Los Angelos, California - 10,080 Accessible Menus
  • Louisville, Kentucky - 1,760 Accessible Menus
  • Little Rock, Arkansas - 600 Accessible Menus
  • Memphis, Tennessee - 1,460 Accessible Menus
  • Miami, Florida - 5,900 Accessible Menus
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota - 1,640 Accessible Menus
  • New Orleans, Louisiana - 1,060 Accessible Menus
  • New York City, New York - 17,460 Accessible Menus
  • Olive Branch, Mississippi - 100 Accessible Menus
  • Orlando, Florida - 3,660 Accessible Menus
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 5,520 Accessible Menus
  • Phoenix, Arizona - 3,780 Accessible Menus
  • Portland, Oregon - 4,040 Accessible Menus
  • San Diego, California - 4,100 Accessible Menus
  • San Francisco, California - 4,260 Accessible Menus
  • Seattle, Washington - 2,740 Accessible Menus
  • St. Louis, Missouri - 1,020 Accessible Menus
  • Tampa, Florida - 2,780 Accessible Menus
  • Washington, DC - 3,220 Accessible Menus
  • Wichita, Kansas - 920 Accessible Menus

Sample of Canadian cities in the app.

  • Calgary, Alberta - 920 Accessible Menus
  • Edmonton,Alberta - 2,780 Accessible Menus
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia - 420 Accessible Menus
  • Montreal, Quebec - 400 Accessible Menus
  • Ottawa,Ontario - 1,900 Accessible Menus
  • Toronto, Ontario - 6,260 Accessible Menus
  • Vancouver, British Columbia - 2,800 Accessible Menus
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba - 1,580 Accessible Menus

Who's in the App?

From fast food to fine dining. Find national and local resturants all in one place.

  • Starbucks

  • Morton's Steakhouse

  • Chick-a-fil

  • Applebees

  • Cracker Barrel

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Sharing the accessible menu journey

"I've just subscribed. While I know we can usually go to a restaurant's website to read a menu, it's hit and miss as to whether that site is accessible. To me, this app is worth the 3-dollar monthly subscription, just for convenience." - Gregory, Memphis, TN

"Wow, this can be very useful, especially for travelers. I will hand it to them the way they have this tagged up it very easy to us and navigate." -Jeff Thompson, Blind Ablities Podcast

"VoiceOver reads all page elements.All buttons are clearly labeled.The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use." -Tristan Bowen, AppleVis

"I'm having a ball using this app. It's totally awesome. -George, Seattle

"I think I'm in love with this app." -Caia, Memphis

"Using Menus4ALL allows me to independently read menus and choose on my own what I am interested in ordering." - Kendall Gibbs, Vision Rehab Professional

VoiceOver Tutorials

Get pro VoiceOver iPhone tips from our in house assistive technology instructor and Marketing Director, Stephnaie Jones.

Menu Reading

Menu Searching

Waiter Alert

Frequently Ask Questions

  1. How does the Menus4ALL app use my location?

    In the ‘Near Me’ tab, your location is used to find accessible menus within 20 miles quickly. You can always change your location preferences in the Privacy Settings on your device.

  2. How can I search for an accessible menu?

    You can search for accessible menus three ways. Select the ‘Search” tab. To search, first select one of the three search types: Restaurant Name, Menu Item, or City. Type your search terms in the text field and select search.

  3. How are the search results for each of the three search methods determined?

    When you search by Restaurant Name, the search results will list up to 100 results based on your current location. When searching by Menu Item, the search results will display up to 100 restaurant menus based on your current location. When searching by City, the search results will display up to 100 restaurant menus from the City center.

  4. Why do accessible menus display only for some of the restaurants in my area and not all restaurants?

    Menus4ALL, Inc. purchases restaurant menu data from a major provider of restaurant info in the United States and Canada. We then convert the data to provide you an accessible menu. Currently, we can only provide accessible menus for restaurants in this database. Menus4ALL is constantly looking for new ways to bring you even more accessible menus in more locations.

  5. Why are the accessible menus displayed in the Menus4ALL app different from the accessible menus I used to find on this website?

    In June 2022, Menus4ALL Inc. stopped using our previous provider of restaurant info and stopped providing accessible menus on this website. For years, users of Menus4ALL.com asked for a mobile app. Menus4ALL is very excited to find a new restaurant info provider that now allows us to provide 500,000 accessible menus throughout the United States and 250,000 accessible menus in Canada.

  6. If I am unable to see the flashlight, how do I know for certain that I have turned on the waiter alert?

    When you toggle the waiter, alert on, if using voiceover, you will hear audible confirmation that the alert has been turned on and the phone will vibrate. You will receive the same audible confirmation and haptic feedback when you toggle the alert off.

  7. If I am in a restaurant, how does the weight staff know why I have used the flashlight on my phone to get their attention?

    Menus4ALL Inc. built the waiter alert function to help users get the attention of the wait staff when needed. We suggested you take a few minutes when you first get to your table to let the waitstaff know about the function, and that you may hold up your phone, with the waiter alert light on, to get their attention at the table.

  8. Why do I pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to access the Menus4ALL app?

    The subscription fee allows Menus4ALL Inc. to purchase quality restaurant data which is updated weekly with full menus, current items and prices. We then convert this data into accessible menus for your enjoyment. The Menus4ALL app is the world’s largest network of accessible restaurant menus.


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