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NFB, Braille Monitor

Introducing Menus4ALL: The iPhone App That Makes Restaurant Menus Accessible for Everyone by Stephanie Jones

February Issue
Steve and Shaun in black shirts smilling with their logo.

Double Tab Podcast

Steven and Shaun provided their English comedic yet respective banter on Menus4ALL's announcement that they would cease operations by February 28th. However, on January 30th, Menus4ALL announced that they had successfully negotiated new terms with their vendors, resulting in a decrease in operational costs. This meant that there would be no changes for current app customers and App pricing. The duo also delved into the challenges of finding funding to support universal design apps that function as Assistive Technology.

January 23 Episode


Lance and Stephanie smilling with See Through podcast's logo above them.

See-Througth Podcast

Blind Independence and Accessible Restaurant Menus. Stephanie Jones talks to Lance about how she regained her independence after abruptly losing her vision at the age of 29. Stephanie explains how her drive to provide value for her family sparked a path for her to become a braille and assistive technology instructor for the BVI community as well as the Vice President of Marketing for the accessible restaurant menu app Menus4ALL!

September 20 Podcast
2 people ordering with a waiter at a restaurant.

Eater Magazine

Beyond Dining in the Dark: What It’s Actually Like to Eat Out When You’re Blind by Andrew Leland

July 18 Article
Steve and Shaun in black shirts smilling with their logo.

Double Tab Podcast

Steven and Shaun discuss news coming out from the NFB and ACB 2023 conventions plus and interview. Plus a special guest Stephanie Jones, who is the VP of Marketing for Menus4All, an app designed to make it easier for people who are blind to find accessible menus at various restaurants across the U.S. and Canada. Stephanie talks about the genesis of the app and how it has developed.

July 5 Episode
Blind grill'n logo.

Blind Grilling Experience Podcast

Stephanie from the Menus4All app joins Chris to talk bout the accessible menus application that provides independence for the blind and visually impaired who want to read their favorite restaurant menu. Download the iOS app and try the 14 day free trial.

June 16 Episode
Ambigously Blind logo. Stephanie on Beale street in Memphis

Ambigously Blind Podcast

Vice President of Marketing, Stephanie Jones, stops by to talk about how the Menus4ALL app puts over 850,000 accessible restaurant menus in the palm of your hand. She then takes John for a test drive with the app to demonstrate the ease of use and empowerment it provides as well as a great Memphis BBQ restaurant. Stephanie also shares her unique story of sight loss due to a condition called Pseudotumor Cerebri and discovers a striking similarity to the cause of John’s sight loss. As a Braille instructor, Stephanie gives John his first lesson and underscores the importance of Braille and how it works with technology.

May 23 Episode
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ACB, Tek Talk Podcast

ACB, Tek Talk interviews Stephanie Jones.

March 28 Episode
Cindy with her Seeing Blind Logo

Seeing Blind, You Tube

What is Menus4All? Is Menus4All worth it? Check out this Blind Community Chat and interview for the most up to date newson the Menus For All App. We discuss new features, additions, subscriptions, free trials, and what value you get with a membership.
- July 2023.

April Episode


Apple Vis Logo

AppleVis Podacst

Introducing Menus4All; Bringing 750,000 Accessible Restaurant Menus to the Palm of Your Hand. Thomas Dunnville review.

December 14 Episode
Blind Abilities Logo

Blind Abilities Podcast

Menus4All Vice president of Marketing, Stephany Jones, returns to the Blind Abilities studio to announce the launch of their new app, Menus4All.

December 4 Episode


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