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Bug Tracker

Menus4ALL has been proudly designed, tested and developed over the years in conjunction with real users in the BVI (blind and visually impaired) community. To continue to improve we need bugs and ideas reported.

Please note typos in menus we cannot fix. Restaurants manage their text directly and we cannot edit their menus. Our system detects when menus change and then we repost updated menus provided from the database.

If you have a bug or an idea please check the three tables below first. Then use the form below for your bugs and suggestions. Thank you for helping us to improve this product for you!

Known Bugs

Bug Name Details Priority Status
Non Restaurant Displaying - phase 2 Prevent non restaurants from displaying in search results. Medium April 2023
Search button status When search type buttons are selected status change not annouced. Medium Cancelled. Will be address with new search screen.

Closed Bugs and Added Enhancements

Name Details Priority Status
Menus not displaing Menu API failure due to path update changes. First reported by a customer Jan 19. Jan 20 reproduced and researched. Highest Jan 21, 2024
Empthy Menus When some menus opened no menus details are displayed. Verion 1.15.0 release High Nov 2023
Return focus from Menu back button With addition of more menu results when user selects back button from menu focus moves to top of near me menu list. Have focus return instead to current menu in near me list. High Nov 2023
Headings not detected by rotor All headers on Near Me and Favoriates screens can now for navigated to with rotor. High Closed 4/26/23 Version 1.10.2 release
Restore Purchase Restore Purchase button on subribe screen was reported 3/31. closed with verion 1.10.1. (7) High Closed 4/9/23
Zip search and Loading Annoucement Zip code search failed and on menu and FAQ pages loading message keeping being annouced when page was loaded. Critial Opened and Closed 4/1/23
Playwall not working For 3 weeks new downloads were not presented paywall. So they had this time free plus 14 day trial when Paywall was fix April 1. High Closed 4/1/23
Halifax, Nova Scotia city search has zero results Discovered internally Jan 18 that when searhcing for city for Halifax, Nova Scotia zero results returned. High Closed as an edge case bug with
List favoriate menus in alphabetical order As users collect more then 5 menus it would make it easier to locate saved favoriate menus if they are listed alphabetically. Medium Added 3/8/23 Version 1.9.2 release
Return focus to menu button If user is on a menu screen and selects "back" focus should move back to trigger on previous screen. Medium Added 3/8/23 Version 1.9.2 release
Menu Feedback Button Add to at the bottom of each menus a link to report content issues. High Added 3/8/23 Version 1.9.2 release
Cash Alert Reporting Crash alerts sent in real time to Menus4ALL staff more details then we have currently. High Added 3/8/23 Version 1.9.2 release
Non Restaurant Displaying - phase 1 Prevent non restaurants from displaying in search results. Medium Closed 3/8/23 Version 1.9.2 release
Favoriate button status When favoriates bug is selected status update is not accurate. Medium Closed 3/8/23 - Version 1.9.2 release
Nearby results Reported 3/4/23. For some customer's nearby menus that are in the database are not dislaying. But menus 4 miles plus away are displaying instead. Critical Closed 3/6/23
Family Share Reported Dec 29. Testing to recreate bug. High Closed 2/21/23
Canadian Addresses Canadian restaurant, item and nearby searches. Bug source found Dec 23. Testing planned for Dec 26 week. Critical Closed 1/19/23 - Version 1.8 release
14 Days Trial When new annual subcritption added this bug developed. Plan is to add one time 14 day trial for both new annaul and monthly subcritptions. High Closed 1/19/23 - Version 1.8 release
Reload app Button will be added to app so users can reload app when new devices purchased. High Released late Jan 23

Enhancements being considered

 Value   Name  Details Status
1 High Display menus with 'lazy load' Display 25 menus for inital menus results with in 10 miles. Add more button to display 25 more menus at a time until all menus with 10 miles are displayed in the nearby screen. Discovery
1 High New menu label When a menu has been added to the database less 30 days then current date the text "- New" would display at the end of the restautant name on the results and menu page. After 30 days " - New" would be removed. Under Review
1 High Screen type picker Replace search type bottons with a picker. HOLD for Search screen uplift
1 High Menu Suggestion Form Link Add an automated process to intake requests form user to suggest new menus be added to database, when possible. Collect email and send customer and email alert on if or when menu is added. TBD
2 Ride Share Deep Link Replace menu address link to google maps with deep link to Uber and/ or Lyft app. Pass customers current and restaurant addresses are passed to ride share app when customer has it installed. Display Uber or Lyft icon. Open to Lyft or Uber app. If an app is not installed then leave address link as it functions now. TBD
2 Detect country plus a way to change country on search screen. As part of first phase of screen screen uplift, when customers has location services enabled, on search screen display current country. With a picker or radio buttons to change. TBD
2 Current location menu open by default If customer is located in a resturant in database and location services is enabled nearby results would be skipped and the menus for current location would display. TBD
3 Menu Actions Add to menu section voiceover actions. Thank you Thomas Dunnville for this improvement idea! TBD
3 Menu back stickly top Revise top menu button to always display at top of menu has user moves down menu. TBD
3 Refresh Menu List on the go Research and support VoiceOver screen refesh gesture. So has user are moving they can see a freshed list of near me menus. TBD
3 Add bug tracker link Add to app more screen a link URL bug tracker. TBD


This project was build with real users. Please contribute by giving us ideas to improve or fix the app too! Drop us a note below.